The robots have been run, and the points have been totaled. It’s official: four Zebra Robotics teams are going to Turkey for the International World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in November! These teams have been working hard since regionals to make their dreams a reality. This work has paid off, as ALL FOUR TEAMS got first place in their respective categories!

WRO Teams Celebrate in Montreal

Team Agribots came first in the Elementary Future Innovators category! They redesigned their robot after the regionals to a more sleek-looking, polished design.

The Woodchucks came first in the Junior Future Innovators category! They spent a ton of time at Zebra knuckling down on their design, ensuring it would run well on the day of the competition.

Team -0.618 came first in the Senior Robomission category! This team set its sights high early in the season and has been studiously perfecting a robot based on advanced math and with an innovative, efficient design.

The Miracle Monkeys came first in the Junior Robomission category! No strangers to competition, they knew that if they put in the work, they would come out on top. And they did!

We are proud of all our teams, as they all took what they had learned over the years and skillfully applied their knowledge to design the best robots possible. We know they will represent Canada well on the world stage.

But the fun isn’t over yet! We have four more teams who may make it to international competition. We will know on Friday if two of our high-scoring teams will be able to compete in either Puerto Rico or Italy at WRO Open Invitationals. Zebra is also fielding teams in two additional categories whose regionals are in September: Future Engineers and Robosports. Stay tuned to our socials to see we are sending more teams to international competition!

Big wins at Zone01 Nationals!

Zone01 Teams Posing in Montreal

Also this week, Zebra teams competed in Zone01 Regionals. This Canadian competition ends at the national level, and since Regionals at the Ontario Science Centre, the teams have been hard at work engineering and recoding their robots. Focusing on bringing their times down and preparing for surprise challenges, our teams were excited to perform. And perform they did!

Team 2πR earned first place in the Junior category! Having scored first in the regionals with 110 points, they wanted to maintain that positive trend in the Nationals, and they most certainly did.

Team Untitled earned second place in the Elementary category! This team has been particularly focused this season, and they worked to ensure that their efforts wouldn’t go to waste.

Team JMX Robots earned third place in the Junior category! This team put a ton of time and effort into their robot, and that dedication helped them secure their first ever Nationals award.

We are proud of the teams that competed. Competition takes courage, as months of learning and preparation is distilled into three tiny runs. Competition teams learn a lot about themselves and how to meet challenges with persistence and resolve. And that, to us, is the purpose of competition.

Congratulations to everyone who competed!