When it comes to STEM education and being immersed in the fields of Science and Technology there is nothing with quite the same effect as competing with like-minded individuals to test not only knowledge but collaborative ability, as well as critical and adaptive thinking. Competitions are a space where students can hone their skills sharply and be sure that the techniques, adaptations and understanding they gain will be memorable due to the fast-paced and exciting environment they were garnered. Competitions also allow students to showcase and elevate their dedication to STEM and STEM learning. It takes many weeks of preparation to refine and perfect their robots and their runs – placing students in the ideal environment to put their resolve and love of the technology as their first priority and really grow as STEM students, and ultimately, STEM professionals. 

Zebra Robotics boasts an extensive competition history and is proud to have had more than 94 teams compete in renowned STEM competitions such as the First Lego League, Zone01, World Robotics Olympiad & Vex Robotics. Teams coming out of Zebra Robotics have won over 70 regional, provincial and even national awards across the last eight years. The established coding and robotics institute not only aims to sponsor students to achieve success at these high-level competitions, but also supports teams with hands-on coaching and mentorship as well as spaces to build and test their robots and regulation mats to time their runs, and more in their impressive student-centric centers. The approach of Zebra Robotics has always been self-paced for students, so students do all the design and programming of their robots, however, they are able to tap into a deep and robust support system that aids them on their journey to success. This guidance and support system helps alleviate the steep learning curve and shock of first-time competitors as well as support long-time competitors as they face higher degrees of pressure as they progress.

The vision for Zebra Robotics has always been to instill a love of STEM in all students with an interest and guide them into becoming the most versatile and adaptive professionals they can be. Competitions are a part of this mission and can serve an integral purpose in pushing students to their highest potential to achieve their short and long-term interpersonal and STEM skills.