Having found great success with our proprietary curriculums, student-paced STEM education style, and wide variety of offerings, Zebra Robotics has been looking to grow. Opening up our brand to franchising has allowed entrepreneurs to pick up on the successful formula of delivering effective stem education to children and teenagers and bring this formula to their own cities, neighbourhoods, and communities. Zebra robotics specialises in STEM education for students between the ages of 4 and 17, offering a number of courses ranging in complexity, topics, programming languages, and robotic platforms. This year Zebra Robotics, a STEM education institute headquartered out of Mississauga, Ontario in Canada, has seen rapid growth across North America and is becoming a well-known and distinguished name in the STEM competition space internationally. Locations of this prolific STEM education centre are starting to pop up all over the east coast; most recently in Oakville, Ontario, Holly Springs, North Carolina and a location in Boston, Mashechussets coming up in Q1 2023. 

However, the goal for Zebra Robotics remains unchanged; to provide our future programmers and engineers with a quality education to support their learning at school and push them to greater heights in the STEM world. Over the pandemic, the delivery of this quality education was contested by the restrictions however, the institution was successful in porting our curriculums to online platforms and adopting a virtual teaching style to deliver the same knowledge and quality learning experience through a different medium. Students today can do classes online or in person depending on the program they are enrolled in, with infrastructure in place to support either mode of learning at the same high-class calibre. This versatility and ability to cater an excellent education to students based on their needs is what makes Zebra Robotics the unique institution they are. It is this commitment to quality that has trampolined them to the multi-national stage. 

Zebra Robotics now boasts over ten locations scattered across the North American east coast with plans of further expansion to deliver students the STEM education essential for thriving and finding success in the world today. In today’s world, all career jobs require some STEM knowledge. Institutions like this extend this vital STEM education to students and provide them with the tool sets they need to approach the rapidly changing and evolving professional landscape that is becoming more and more reliant on tech with each passing day.