Just this past weekend, we had an incredibly important celebration for our national and international World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) competitors! Wanting to celebrate their achievements we had been hard at work setting up a small event for the kids this Saturday, with demonstrations, speeches, and of course, food. But behind the scenes, Jami had been toiling away on another secret project. Equipped with a silver tongue, she managed to invite and convince some of our local MPP’s to come down and show their support for our hard-working students as well! MPP’s Nina Tangri and Deepak Anand were more than delighted to make an appearance, and honour the competitors, even bringing special awards recognizing their triumphs.

Parents were the first to arrive, catching up with one another, as well as sharing their experiences of the national finals. The kids mingled among each other, either grabbing food, or checking up on their robots, fine tuning them before the MPPs arrivals. Not too long after, the ministers rolled in, and the teams were ready to show off all their hard work. The Future Innovators delivered their well-crafted presentation and demonstration of their robot to combat biofouling. The RoboMission team showed off their robots’ agility and precision by picking up, carrying, and carefully placing rings. In a new twist on RoboSports, the autonomous robots played against the MPPs who tossed the balls back as if they were a robot team. 

The Future Innovators Team show off their robot to combat biofouling. MPP Nina Tangri asks questions about the project.

After the festivities, speeches were held by founder Satish, alongside the wonderful MPP’s. They congratulated the students and encouraged them to keep reaching for the stars, as who else but the next generation would be able to grasp them. Then each team was awarded a special certificate, recognition from the Government of Ontario for their accomplishments. Parents and coaches alike burst into applause as the teams received their awards, handed to them by both Nina Tangri and Deepak Anand.  Finally, the teams going to Panama were presented with the Canada jerseys they will wear throughout the WRO competition, and they had a chance to pose with the Canadian flag. 

The teams going to WRO Internationals pose with the coaches and MPPs Nina Tangri and Deepak Anand.

As the event came to a close, students went back to their parents, receiving smiles, hugs, and words of affirmation. It was a brilliant sendoff for our international competitors and a proud recognition of our national competitors after all their hard work.

Stay posted to our blog and social media for updates on the international teams as they travel to Panama in two weeks’ time. As we cheer on the international competitors, we are already gearing up for the FLL season and starting a new season of STRIPE Competition. Stay tuned for updates on both of those as well! Thank you for reading!